The Jani Valley at the Rynkówka Castle

Golf for you throughout the year


If you have not played golf yet – try it.
This is the best place to meet golf.
Intimate conditions, contact with nature, peace and a bit of competition will result in
that time will pass unnoticeably like cumulative stress,
and the lungs and body will get adequate doses of air and movement.

Golf for starters

We start at the 140 m driving range.
For your and other security, you will learn to control the direction of the ball’s flight and the strength of the impact.

Golf for relaxation

We invite you to the 18th hole PAR 67 field.

Over 3km walk amid unpolluted nature

Golf for professional riders

Driving range 240 m and field PAR 72.

Over 6 km in extreme conditions

Golf for children

Minigolf soon

Putt, chipp and training balls

Golf - autumn shadows
Golf - a frosty morning
Golf - nighttime playing
Golf - white winter

Always ready to play golf - in all conditions.