Golf or crossgolf?

Third hole - golf for you

1. Do you want to try golf and forget about stress by spending time in nature?

2. Do you fancy a bit of rivalry and stories about incredible moves on the 19th hole?

 3. Do you feel like exploring the rules (over 200 pages), passing the course, taking the exam?

 4. Do you feel like a game, where the clothing is an essential element of the right to play, and the amount of the fee for using the golf course will give you a headache?

If the answer to the first two questions is 2 times YES and the next 2 times NOT, we invite to try golf with us.

In our proposal, we return to the sources of golf, to the conditions in which it was possible to make this game for everyone. Maintaining modern, stylized golf courses costs a lot, consumes huge amounts of chemistry and water – not without impact on the natural environment and the amount of fees borne by golfers.

In our field there are no artificial elements from modern golf courses like greens or bunkers, whose maintenance requires large and continuous outlays, while here there are natural difficulties: streams, trees, high slopes, water, natural ground conditions or grazing horses (animals always take precedence).

In our field, we use and make available, created by nature, unique landscape areas of the Bory Tucholskie buffer zone (covered by Natura 2000 protection), cultivated land, forest, meanders of the Janki Wschodnia river.

The round of golf – 18 holes, is played at us as in the old days in the fields, meadows and pastures cultivated in agriculture, which we make available to the game. When it is impossible due to the harvest of agricultural crops, we provide a driving range where you can practice impacts, play rounds on 3 holes and practice so-called. “Short game”.

The rules of the game are simple. The ball should be played as it lies, you can always pick it up, clean it and put it on the same place. If the ball is in an “unstoppable” position, drop it 2 poles back from the point of intersection of the field boundary or drop a new ball – if the ball is lost, adding one penalty shot. The sticks do not require approval, and you can have any number of them in the bag.

There are also no requirements for dress, we believe that you will always dress up so that you and your partners will enjoy the game.

More about the idea of ​​crossgolf in the reading room.