What is golfing?

This is a very brief description because no less important in this game is contact with nature, game among friends, mutual kindness, respect for tradition, beautiful landscapes.

The first information about this game comes from the fourteenth century when golf rounds were played using naturally shaped terrains (pastures) and equipment made of natural materials.

With the development of technology, the materials used to make the equipment changed games.

Over time, the rules by which the game was played. / span>

For the first time they were written down and accepted for use in 1754 in the Scottish Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

Golf course is usually created in a beautiful landscape with numerous difficulties (natural or artificial) in the form of water reservoirs, trees, shrubs, hills and bunkers (pits with sand).

Depending on the distance between the tee (start place) and the hole or due to the occurring difficulties, the standard of strokes provided for a hole is different, so-called PAR well.

We distinguish PAR3, PAR4 or PAR5 wells.

The sum of PAR of all wells gives PAR the field – in our case 59 or 72.

The classic round consists of playing 18 holes. < / h2>

In one round, a maximum of four players can start the game.
If you want to learn more about golf, the internet provides enormous knowledge.